Fast-track your career
with a small peer group
of elite young professionals



We are a non-profit organization based in Ontario, Canada. We connect young leaders at Canada’s fastest-growing companies for peer-to-peer mentoring through monthly small group dinners.


What do we mean by peer-to-peer mentoring?


It’s a combination of positive peer pressure and learning from others’ experiences.


We draw from research on topics like social influence, emotional contagion, and the science of learning to run facilitated dinner meetings of five to eight young professionals that help fast-track your career growth, allowing for cross-pollination of ideas and accountability for your most challenging goals.



Each group is made up of a maximum of ten young professionals from diverse backgrounds, industries, and experience levels. Joining a group is by invitation only, and an application and interview are required, although you can visit a meeting as a guest in order to see what it’s like. Participants are placed into groups strategically to ensure diversity and avoid competition or conflicts of interest. This careful planning of group makeup leads to very productive brainstorming and discussion at meetings.


We have open meetings once a month for three hours, and groups generally meet or keep in touch frequently in between meetings.


Our current groups are located in Toronto and in the western GTA. However, we are always looking for new locations for groups elsewhere in Ontario, so feel free to apply.




Every group meeting has three elements:


Participants explore and gain new insights on a chosen topic through short readings, exercises, group discussion, and reflection. Topics are chosen in consultation with the group, and can include things like workplace politics, team building, accountability, negotiation, managing your own career, and many others.


Participants discuss an issue, challenge, problem, or opportunity and get experience-based feedback. Others in the group describe their own related experiences and what worked or didn’t work for them. People may also ask clarifying questions, recommend resources, or offer support. Participants often end up with multiple solutions, perspectives, or ideas they hadn’t considered before.


Drawing from the issue discussions, the group plans concrete actions to take before the next meeting. Each person writes down at least one action item to which he or she wants to be held accountable. The group will check in on each participant’s action items at the next meeting and expect them to be completed.

A few times a year, a guest executive or expert is brought in for a workshop or focused discussion on topics like effective network-building, organizational politics, or proactively managing career changes.

Our Mississauga group has been operating since May 2015, and is accepting a limited number of new members at this time.

Our Toronto group will begin meeting in Q1 2016, and is currently accepting membership applications.


To start the process of joining a group, you can fill out our online application. Alternatively, you can visit us at one of our public meetings. Sign up for our email list below or check out our Facebook page for details.


As a not-for-profit, we keep operating costs low, aiming to operate on a break-even basis, and our board of directors and executive team are unpaid. Group participants pay dues of $10 per month, paid semiannually. Group dues cover things like photocopying and supplies and are a way for the participants to pool their resources for the cost of running the groups. Some optional activities have additional fees to cover venues, food, or other costs.


If you are concerned about your ability to pay the dues, please apply anyway; we are a not-for-profit organization and support is available for prospective participants facing financial hardship.

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